The Worst Day Ever review

The Worst Day Ever

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At The Worst Day Ever you will play the role of a new employee who has just been accepted into a large corporation. Your happiness does not last too long, however, because the contract you signed turns out to be a circus. The corporation quickly reveals its true face and the dark forces that took possession of the building come out into the light of day. Your task is to get to the top of the office building and overcome the board - only then you will be able to leave the demonic walls of the corporation.

What Makes Up the Worst Day Ever?

  • Quick and spectacular fight, requiring both agility and tactics
  • Intelligent and unique weapons found in the depths of the corporation
  • Many types of demonic enemies and bosses with unique attack mechanics
  • Diversified levels presenting different zones of the office occupied by evil forces
  • An adrenaline-pumping soundtrack


The Worst Day Ever The Worst Day Ever
The Worst Day Ever
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