The World 3:Rise of Demon review

The World 3:Rise of Demon

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The World 3: Rise of Demon is a monster hunting 3D action game. You will play as a fierce adventurer searching for ancient treasures and exploring mysterious lands while fighting evil forces. In this epic journey, you will face gigantic corrupted monsters and charismatic rivals, but fear not for you will gain experience along the way, learn new devastating skills, and craft powerful equipment to help you win it all!

Game features

  • Based on Unity engine, with gorgeous 3D graphics for optimal slashing action.
  • Free movement in battle, fast-paced combat with slick skills and combo animation for a smooth fighting experience.
  • Numerous and varied big baddies for you to hunt, hack, slash, knock-out, and ultimately, destroy. They look cool too.
  • Every enemy has its own backstory that will be revealed progressively as you smash them to pieces.
  • Different combat styles for every kind of player! A melee magic user? Ranged hunter? Tough brawler? We’ve got them all, pick what you like!
  • In addition to the intense PvE action, the Arena mode is where all hope is lost as you’ll fight head to head with your worst nightmare in special battlefields until one of you hits the ground.


The World 3:Rise of Demon The World 3:Rise of Demon
The World 3:Rise of Demon
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