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You are a Starlord. In command of a planet but hungry for real power. Your ultimate aim: to control the entire Galaxy and enable your family dynasty to rule forever. But one thousand other Starlords have similar ambitions!

At first, you'll concentrate on flying Starfighters and leading your forces in exciting 3-D battles. Then, you'll realize that the true path to success also involves diplomatic, planning and trading skills. Eventually, when you have secured your power base, you'll take your first steps up the feudal hierarchy. You must plan your strategy, weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of rivals, form favourable alliances then strike with all your might!

Success will extend the reach of your power across the Galaxy, allowing new treaties; generating new wealth. You can then install clan members on new planets under your control and summon vassal Lords to add their forces to your crusades of conquest. But beware, as your power increases, so does the price the others put on your head!
Plan, negotiate, Trade and Battle for Supreme Galactic Power!


Starlord Starlord
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