Pirate Cannons AHOY! review

Pirate Cannons AHOY!

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Ahoy mateys! Take charge of your fort defenses as hostile pirates invade to steal your treasure!

In this cannon-shooting spectacle, you will defend your fort's lighthouse from the onslaught of enemy pirates. Pirate Cannons AHOY! features the following game modes:

  • Standard Mode

    Keep your three treasure chests safe from enemy pirate ships. There is a five minute timer and each confirmed hit or ship sunk adds to your points score. If all three treasure chests are stolen, it's game over!

  • Sudden Death Mode

    If you lose one single treasure chest in this mode, it's game over! The stakes are high against the five minute timer. Each confirmed hit or ship sunk adds to your points score.

  • Mayhem Mode

    In this mode there is no timer and the game ends when all three treasure chests have been stolen by pirates! All confirmed hits and ships sunk reward DOUBLE points!

Each mode supports multiple dynamic weather and time of day settings to provide unique gameplay experiences and visuals.

Customize your aim reticle and unlock even more by completing the integrated Steam Achievements!

Compete with all Steam users on the integrated Steam Leaderboards for each and every game mode!



Pirate Cannons AHOY! Pirate Cannons AHOY!
Pirate Cannons AHOY!
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