Perfect Fit - Totemland review

Perfect Fit - Totemland

Published & copyrighted by Homiebear Studio

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This is an original puzzle. In which the Keeper have to collect cute, but unbearable trolls, that fled around the world. For centuries, they were locked in the stone totem in the middle of the desert, but ancient spells weakened, and now no one can stop them to make noise and disturb the peace. The ability to quickly reproduce make trolls threatens the whole world. Only the Keeper of ancient knowledge will be able again to seal them into the totems. Difficult and hard way waiting for him, only a true hero can help!

  • Fresh mechanics in the style of Tetris!
  • A huge amount 300+ of levels!
  • Comfortable controls with mouse, keyboard or gampad.
  • A lot of fun!


Perfect Fit - Totemland Perfect Fit - Totemland
Perfect Fit - Totemland
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    Homiebear Studio

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    200 MB available space