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Dead Spawn

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A crew and you have crash landed at an unknown location to find it infested with zombies. Players can upgrade their weapons, as well as themselves. Loot is dropped per round, giving players weapons, projectiles, turrets, walls, and much more. Every 10 waves a jet must be boarded to get to a new location. Choose a perk per round and fight off endless waves of zombies.


  • Build walls and turrets to defend yourself against the approaching horde
  • Play with up to 4 of your friends in local co-op mode
  • Fight endless waves of the undead
  • No two maps are the same: procedurally generated zones with four different biomes
  • Defeat waves and receive powerful buffs or challenging impairments to alter the course of gameplay
  • Upgrade your weapons and progress your character as you fight for survival
  • Turn the tides of battle with power-ups, including a nuke!


Dead Spawn Dead Spawn
Dead Spawn
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    YZee Games

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